Why Are There Thousands Of Hackers Currently Working Around The Clock To Take Down Your Wordpress Sites & Blogs...

Regardless of How Much Or Little
Traffic They Get?

"Hackers are swarming around our sites..."

Jason Fladlien here and this is kind of urgent.

As you may know, we've generated millions of dollars using WordPress. Our business depends on our sites running smoothly and being up 24/7...

So we have spent a lot of money to make sure our security is tight.

And it's enough to look at our log files... to see that it was money well spent. Hackers are swarming around our sites day in day out.

Here's the urgent part though: if you haven't paid any attention to WordPress security YET...

You might be risking ALL you have online...

... Right now as you're reading this page.

You see, it's highly likely that at some point in the near future a cyber bully, or you, yourself, will break your WordPress site. And that's no good if you sustain your livelihood, pay your bills, and support yourself and your loved ones.

And this happens WAY more often than you think. In the past year alone hundreds of thousands of Wordpress Sites were hacked!

Plus, a recent research has concluded that 73% of the 40,000 most popular websites that use Wordpress are VULNERABLE to attack.

Worst part is...

... Every single site is in danger!

It's not just high profile sites.

Hackers don't care how big or small you are. If they can get access to your site... they just add it to their botnet which they then use for illegal activity like...

At the very least... (you can almost count on this...) a hacker will use YOUR site as link fodder for his own properties. Often... your site will plummet in Google rankings never to return.

Does YOUR business have any of the following WEAK spots?


Vulnerable Themes And Plugins

Free WordPress themes that you can find on the Internet are the worst, because of malware, spyware and the hidden (obfuscated) code in them.

... And unauthorized plugins that haven't been vetted by WordPress can often do even more damage.

Even if right now you're using safe themes and plugins... are you sure there aren't any files left behind by something you just tried out once?


Unsecured Installations And Servers

Cheap hosting providers tend to cut corners when it comes to security. As a result, most default installations have more holes than Swiss cheese!

Starting from file permissions to letting everyone on your shared server access your files (which can easily be solved with ONE simple trick...), from using the same database configuration everyone else is using to exposing your site to unlimited login attempts... you might be more exposed than you think!


Default Usernames And Weak Passwords

You'd be surprised how many installations have "admin" as their default username. Why is that bad? It lets hackers (using their automated bots...) brute-force your password sooner or later and gain FULL access to your site!

... And the weaker your password... the sooner it is going to happen. There are specific steps you must take immediately to protect yourself from this!


Using FTP

Did you know that using FTP is a HUGE security risk? That's why we've disabled plain FTP altogether on our servers...

Simply put, if you use plain FTP, the dumbest script-kiddie on the planet can grab your password... and do whatever they want on your site. Luckily, it's pretty simple to fix.


Outdated Software

The numero uno reason for WordPress updates is fixing vulnerabilities. That's why it is critical to keep your site, theme and plugins updated...

... Otherwise, your site can be hacked without much effort. Hackers use tools that automatically scan your site for vulnerabilities present in older versions... and then use automated means to gain access.



Basically htaccess file determines who has access to what files... and you MUST set it up right. Otherwise no matter what other security measures you've taken, you're still wide open for digital terrorists.

There's a non-geeky way to set up an "iron shield" consisting of 2 specific htaccess files in 2 specific locations...


Thinking your site is too small

The thing about hackers is they don't discriminate. Even if your site is visited by 3 of your Facebook friends in a month... hackers don't care. They scan ALL the sites and when they see a vulnerability they pounce faster than you can say "security".

Good news is it's not too hard to lock down ANY site - no matter how big or small - on a shoestring budget without any tech knowledge!

Famous WordPress Hacks

- Al Gore's climate change site got hacked and its contents replaced with links to "certain medical improvements" (aka Viagra)

- The "TimThumb" hack that took down hundreds of thousands of blogs

- Woo Theme fiasco proved that even premium themes weren't safe

- An unusually powerful 90,000 server botnet of poorly secured WordPress blogs has just been reported (and it's still growing)

... By the way, did you think that recent WordPress versions have gotten BETTER as far as security is concerned?

Nope. WordPress 3.6 had a known vulnerability that would have allowed an attacker to remotely execute code.

Recently they've introduced automatic updating... But that only helps if they're the ones to find the vulnerability first.

But it goes deeper than just WordPress...

You see, what makes WordPress great is also what makes it a playground for hackers and crackers... namely its open source nature.

What that means is if someone develops something cool, like an add-on for WordPress, it gets shared freely. If it's super awesome... it'll eventually find its way in tons of themes, or plugins.

For example, there was this tiny little image plugin called Tim Thumb that pretty much every WordPress theme started using.

... Until suddenly, a vulnerability was discovered. And millions of WordPress sites, all of a sudden, were fair game to every script kiddie in town.

That's just ONE example...

... But just so you know the scope of this, National Vulnerability Database currently lists more than 550 WordPress vulnerabilities.

As you can see... if you run WordPress, you MUST secure it down - if you care at all about your financial future.

That's where we come in

Meet our friend Bill Davis.

When we headhunted for one of the top experts on WordPress security, his name seemed to pop up over and over.

So we recruited him to create the best training on the planet for securing your WordPress blogs the right way.

And we had TWO RULES he could. NOT. break. under ANY circumstances.

RULE #1 It had to be effective and it had to stop hackers dead in their tracks if applied.

RULE #2 GEEK SPEAK was OUT. OF. THE. QUESTION. Everything had to be crystal clear to anyone the very first time they watch any of the training videos.

So he created an AWESOME training. We watched it. It was good.

PROBLEM: It was still too "Geeky".

So we sent him away and told him to redo the whole thing. He did... And came back with a masterpiece.

... That was about a year ago.

NOW, though... He has created version 2.0. And it's MINDBLOWINGLY amazing, easy to follow and effective.

Introducing the brand new...

WP Secure Pro 2.0

Protect your WordPress sites RIGHT NOW!

Without wasting any time... Bill comes out swinging and delivers a crucial overview of how to install WordPress with security in mind.

First, the myth of how you should never use automated scripts like Fantastico is completely crushed... (The truth is you CAN... it's just that you have to follow THESE specifics steps to lock your installation down afterwards!)

... And if you do it the way Bill shows you, step by step, your automated installation is going to be MORE secure than the painstaking manual installations security buffs recommend!

You're also going to learn...

... And this is just one video.

After watching this, you'll go to the next video. It'll reveal...

How to set up AMAZING free security plugins
(And why they don't work out of the box!)

There's one problem with WordPress security plugins... You can get the best ones in the world (they're all free by the way... and you're going to learn about all of them!) but if you "just" install them... It's like expecting your seatbelt to protect you without putting it on.

You're going to learn...

Why limit login attempts?

For example, did you know WHY you should limit login attempts to your WordPress admin panel?

Well, most hacking software hammers your username and password in order to gain unlawful access to your blog. By limiting the amount of times anyone can attempt to login... you greatly reduce your risk.

This can be done with a simple plugin... in seconds!

And that's just one of the things you'll discover... and if you implement it, you'll immediately reduce your risk.

More "Best Practices" that protect you from getting your site hacked and losing income...

WP Secure Pro does NOT stop with just showing you a couple of plugins and calling it a day.

Bill also will show you things like...

But that's not it...

Why a BACKUP is NOT enough...

When a disaster strikes... there's nothing worse than finding out your backup is either contaminated as well or just plain doesn't work.

That's why we'll give you a complete rundown on a sound backup strategy...

... That will let you recover your site quickly and efficiently no matter your skill level.

You're going to learn things like...

Why this is the best investment you'll make

Let's put it this way... Can you afford NOT to invest in your security?

Would you drive around with your seatbelt on? Would you wonder around the worst neighborhood you know in the middle of the night alone?

Of course not. And your site is no different...

If you don't protect it, there's an almost 99% chance that it will get hacked sooner or later...

And you'll spend DAYS restoring the data... while your income keeps plummeting.

With WP Secure Pro 2.0 you will not worry about any of this. And, amazingly, all the security practices you need can be implemented without ANY technical knowledge... if you have someone like Bill Davis explaining everything to you step by step, in plain English.

In other words... NO GEEK SPEAK allowed, remember?

You can get this training for a song, too...

$49.95, to be exact.

... Which is nothing, compared to the amount of trouble you'll save, right?

Ultimately, of course, it all depends on how much you value your own time and the work you've put into your sites. But I'm sure it's worth more than $50... That you'd easily spend on a night out.

Oh and you're not, in fact, risking a single cent - because of our...

"Nothing To Lose"
100% Money Back Guarantee

All I'm asking you to risk is 5 minutes of your time. Sign up right now and watch the training for those 5 minutes. If you don't already feel like you've gotten 10 times your money's worth... just give us a quick shout here and we'll promptly return every penny of your investment.

Better still, take up to 30 days to use the training at your own pace. Within that time for any reason - or no reason at all - if you want your money back, just let us know.

As you can see.. you have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you sign up right now!

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P.S. All of this should be eye-opening... And I sincerely hope you take action immediately to protect your online property... before you find out the hard way what does it mean to have your site hacked.

P.P.S. Remember - you're protected by our 30 day money back guarantee... and we're very easy-going with it. Just take a look at our training and if you feel you're not getting 10 times your money's worth, we'll give you every penny you invested back without asking any questions. Sign up now!